Welcome to the Roseway Heights Middle School PTA
Bienvenido a la PTA de Roseway Heights Middle School
Chào mừng đến với PTA của Trường Trung học Roseway Heights
Ku soo dhowow Dugsiga Dhexe ee Roseway Heights PTA

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Next PTA Meeting:

Thursday September 29, 2022 5:30-6pm

The first meeting of the school year will take place at RHMS in the library immediately before the start of Back to School Night!


Retiring The Howl 9/26/2022

This is the last issue of The Howl Moving forward, the PTA will not be sending out a separate newsletter, as we’ve done in the past with The Howl.  Instead, PTA leadership will collaborate with school leadership to create one comprehensive and regular newsletter communication for families.  We are so happy with this development andContinue reading “Retiring The Howl 9/26/2022”

Hygiene & Gift Card Drive

RHMS SUN and Community Cares Initiative are hosting a hygiene and gift card drive to stock these supplies for students and families in our school community. The SUN office has a “Help Your-Shelf!” where students can access hygiene items easily throughout the school day. Please consider donating any items listed on the flyers! Drop-offs canContinue reading “Hygiene & Gift Card Drive”

Community Care Day

Join your RHMS community and help beautify the school grounds! Saturday October 1, 9am-12pm – West Parking Lot

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